What the heck for is the BIM tech?

Обновлено: 6 февр. 2020 г.

Very often it turns out that clients do not understand why do they have to acquire designs in BIM program as 3D model and supply designs with project documentation from the very beginning. They say it’s your issues, we needn’t. But right away raises the objection – do you need quality. Or you agree to construct your house with less money but in 1-2 years to get involved in some kind of repairs or even complete overhaul. The usual response is – this is responsibility of workers and manager. Yes, 30 years ago when all private construction consisted from 2 sorts of materials: basement – concrete blocks or clay bricks, walls – 2 types of bricks: clay or silicate, slabs – ceiling panel or wooden beam, and worker was tradesman with such profession chosen for all life, it was that way. Client hired such pro who knew everything and held whole project in mind. Nowadays just to itemize all materials for walls for instance, one need the pile of paper and it’s absolutely inappropriate to expect such knowledge from seasonal workers.

What we get from BIM? In 1984 together with launching building materials evolution appeared first program Archicad which gave us possibility to see the building as whole, as 3D object. In present days CAD programs allow not just to turn around the house on the screen but more importantly to supply every element of building with its characteristics description and with possibility to performers to scrutinize intersections and junctions of elements. So the quality of assembling do not depends from the ability of workers to interpret junction on 2D designs. Now they gets coloured, detailed 3D pictures. Moreover with representation of information in 3D pictures connected with project plans and specs gives to owner possibility to supervise construction process by himself. It’s enough to compare the design’s picture and parameters of assembling with real execution and in the case of deviation to correct situation. Nowaday it takes no more efforts to erect house having correctly produced documentation than assembly IKEA furniture.

So the creation of designs in BIM program together with project documentation becomes urgent requirement for those who wants to get high-quality house without errors and repairs.

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