What problems could be solved with Sagoma

So you’ve come to decision to build a house. You already have some considerations about materials, you’ve chosen blueprints and appearance, but something is going wrong: the basement isn't fit for ground conditions, walls have to be changed and eventually you merely have doubts about proficiency of architect. And the last issue could be true. Very often designs acquired in internet have many weak points and have to be fitted to specific conditions. Otherwise you will have your private LEAKY CONDO CRISIS which happened in 1990 during building boom, when designs from sunny California were applied without revision in Vancouver, Canada where damp weather isn’t rare. Which price was 4 billion dollars.

We are construction company with 15 years experience often encounter such designs particularly in basements and wall envelopes. Architects without practical experience merely don’t know about all troubles that emerges after the house is complete. For example if outside decorative brickwork will begin right from ground level it could lead to detriments such as cracks and finally to destruction. Every house is complicated enough and consists not only of basement, walls and roof but from junctions of these elements which have to be built properly in order to minimize heat loss in winter and reduction of electricity loss in summer.

We have created templates of widely used junctions and compiled them in the catalogue, where our clients have possibility to choose more fitted for their own house. Then we will prepare designs accordingly client’s choice and conditions of maintenance. Moreover at the sketch stage architect prepare all estimating data, so contractors will estimate construction without tricks. What in turn gives to client possibility to compare apples with apples but not with bananas as it usually happens. Furthermore because of informational modeling nature of design we can supply it with ready-made project documentation which is work plans, assembly descriptions, list of materials and others.

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