The core differences of Sagoma design from standard

Everybody knows how the classical design of building looks like. Usually it's the heavy multipage album with fuzzy 2D pictures. It’s not rare situations when after handover of album, one could see that workers use only a half of information. Does it mean that another half is just junk produced only for work appearance? It’s true and it happens because of old system of design representation and architect’s poor knowledge of real construction processes. They know basics but real construction has too many shades.

Me as Chief Architect often encounter with such problems. The architect can create nice pictures but hardly ever might choose correct structure and joints, because he merely has lack of real experience. In USA when BIM technologies were adopted, it caused troubles because it coincided with changes in buildings style and shapes, appearance of new materials and energy saving requirements. It was the beginning of integrated approach in designing when proficient Construction Manager assisted Architect.

My life went this way that when I’ve got to participate in low-rise construction project since 2002 it was absolutely impossible to find out appropriate architect. It used to be easier to learn drawing by myself than to beg for architect in order to get designs sometimes of poor quality. In 2004 we shifted to design in 3D modeling and in 2011 I began to gather catalogue with build joints and elements in order to simplify future work. So in 2014 we compiled and stamped paper catalogue and it turned out that it was much more convenient to have not only picks but all adequate plans, specs and descriptions. It not only reduced time for management but it also helped to estimate project from very beginning. It was our version of BIM tech with CAD program and Excel.

Nowadays CAD programs have developed so high that pictures look like photos and all plans and specs are contained inside, if somebody loaded such information. We did. Moreover we relentlessly upgrade catalogue. Now it has the name as Sagoma system and it contains the most distributed build joints for central region of Russia.

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