How BIM technology revolution changes our society

Обновлено: 6 февр. 2020 г.

Majority of people correlate BIM technologies with colored 3D pictures. But for those who are advanced in BIM, 3D picture is the accurately implemented model which in turn is the basis of project documentation. Such model allows stakeholders to avoid errors and mistakes which follow up traditional 2D designs because of human factor. It is simply impossible for human mind to hold the whole structure of building in consciousness, but nowadays computers easily realize such task. The other side of BIM technologies is the informational filling. It includes that every element together with shape has its own characteristics within the program entered by Architect. And after the design is ready, Construction manager creates project documentation: work plan, schedule, monitoring plan etc.

But if to take the construction as whole, it’s appropriate to use the connotation of BIM as revolution. All buildings can be classified accordingly elements used for assemblage. The differences are in shapes, fit-out details and measures. Because of that architecture becomes block structure instead of lineage as it was earlier. So having elaborated one building, it’s easy to multiply the range of similar. This is the same way that fashion houses do and now architects use this trick thanks to BIM programs. Having elaborated unique astounding sample with the set of different joints and elements they could produce sequence of buildings of different shapes. So it’s needless to elaborate every new from the scratch.

What do society gets from such situation? From perspective of architect having such set of joints allows to economize time and resources to design multiple structures and mechanical works in drawing. So they could focus on creation of new architectural shapes, introduce new materials and accelerate realization of new projects with high quality. It’s needless to wait for 800 years to enjoy “belezza» as it was with Milano Duomo. Here is video of Chinese construction company where they assemble 57 – storey metalwork building just in 19 days. Almost the same execution becomes possible with other materials thanks to BIM technologies which give us clear roadmap of construction.

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