Building system SAGOMA briefly

Let me present the revolutionary approach in the construction which is the Sagoma system. Its implementation brings benefits to all participants in the construction process: the customer, the architect, the contractor. In general it means the catalogue of ready-made build junctions that display the interfaces of various building materials and elements in order to create the best building characteristics and the most optimal construction technology. Because of that Sagoma allows to reduce misunderstandings between stakeholders and the ensuing errors to a minimum or even completely remove them, which is impossible to realize in the classic 2D execution. All templates are structured and combined, so user selects joints according to the most appropriate characteristics: price, reliability, thermal conductivity and some specific, for example, soils or climate zone.

The benefits of Sagoma to the consumer are in all 4 main criteria: goal, cost, time and quality:

1. The goal corresponds to the functionality and design of the building. Having determined these parameters customer only need to choose the most suitable solution from ready-made build junctions.

2. When considering the cost, customer select from prices of each element per square meter on the basis of previously calculated values.

3. Every customer wants a building for use as soon as possible. So detailed work plan along with clear 3D drawings and process map remarkably facilitate rapid construction.

4. Without quality any construction is just meaningless. Nowadays quality require such factors as safety of construction, user safety, convenience and cost of operation, durability and some others to comply which every junction is accompanied with a description of the technology and the sequence of procedures.

With Sagoma contractor receives detailed assembly instruction with visualization, production plan, volumes and measures. And customer always has tools included in project documentation to evaluate and supervise execution.

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