BIM technologies, collaboration and communications between construction stakeholders.

Обновлено: 6 февр. 2020 г.

BIM technology comes into construction sector despite of resistance of people who are tired from never-ending changes in life and technologies and dream about quiet life “as it used to be». It was the same way with smart phones 15 years ago. When I have bought my first smart-phone with similar size as laptop, my friends who didn’t have the mobile were amazed – how will I handle with such giant thing. But after secretary who always get in mess everything, to have my agenda in order on the screen was miraculous. And the same 2004 we have adapted BIM program Archicad what gave us possibility to get designs of complicated joints in 3D and it was too astonishing. It was needless no more to supervise workers before the very end of process merely because they do not understand simple explanations and 2D designs and to call architect in order to figure out what is there on his drawings.

BIM and 3D pictures remove issues of misunderstanding and communicative difference between contractor and architect. Construction manager accomplishes his work faster because he thoroughly comprehends designs. Eventually it means that after handover of designs nobody disturbs architect. Statistically implementation of BIM modeling reduces Requests for information up to 80%.

No less importance has such preference of BIM technology as project administration. Highly preferable is the absence of paper designs on the site. It is the real problem to find clean wide table for huge sheets. So rises the question – why architect sitting in clean, dry room produces designs as he likes, but tradesmen should spend a lot of time in order to glance the design. Before computers it was ordinary, but nowadays it looks logical to split designs to small parts accordingly A4 sheet. I established such rule in my company from the very beginning, so architects were constrained to do this way. And now it is much more productive with BIM technology, when tradesman has tablet instead of paper and possibility to turn around the piece of model on the screen. It is almost impossible to do mistakes and diverge from design. Moreover one can enter every information into administer application without waiting to reach the office.

Instant coordination and communication between all stakeholders not only economize the time but helps to remove disagreements timely what brings only benefits to project and to customer.

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