Adaptation of BIM technologies

Обновлено: 6 февр. 2020 г.

It is always too hard to establish something new into the day-to-day routine despite of significant benefits to the company. The first obstacle is indifferent personal whose purpose usually is to do less movements for more money. So if we need to introduce new technology , we have to take principles of leadership which is the explanation to team what for is it necessary for company and personally for them in the long term. Clear, simple explanations are always the best: increase of incomes, stick to job thanks to stable company’s position, reduction of time spent to correct errors, contractor has no questions while proceed to construction. And it’s beneficial when inside team there is somebody who will serve as an example.

The next question is which BIM program to work with? Very often the selection is obviously subjective. In order to shift it to the objective level one need to take into consideration such factors as:

1. What program already adapted

2. Description of features in adverts and reviews

3. What adapted by your colleagues and competitors

4. Price of acquisition and maintenance

5. Level of knowledge of personnel and cost of education

The choice is enormous enough, so one have to allot the time to choose the best fitted. No less importance is the educational level of contractor whom with you usually work. Often it comes out that workers have difficulties in understanding new designs because of ready to use models from previous experience. So in order to teach them new technology, designs should have not only the elements in 3D drawing but consequence of assembly drawings and descriptions. Some programs give possibility to see 3D element on remote gadgets and even to turn it around. And of course the critical point is materials which with company usually works. If it steel-works and bolted joints where the fraction of millimeter is meaningful it has to be one program but if it concrete structure with multiplicated elements it should be other.

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